I'm smiling for two reasons; one i caught this big fish and two, because of  dr. jake's completely painless periodontal disinfection. I had a very painful tooth and now it feels great with no invasive therapy.  


[Elizabeth A Trood]

" I was referred to Dr. Jake for dental implant surgery and I found him very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. 
  The surgery was absolutely pain free and stress free. Most importantly, he cares about his patients and their needs. 
  I really apreciate that Dr. Jake has offered me various payment options to suit my financial need."

Testimonial in Korean

진료후기- 최영진

" 저는 
임플란트 시술에 대한 막연한 불안감과 두려움이 있었는데 제이크 선생님을 소개받고 선생님의 임플란트 시술에 대한 
  많은 경험과 지식에 마음이 놓였습니다. 또한 수술도 통증이나 스트레스 없이 잘 되었습니다. 
  제이크 선생님의 환자를 생각하는 마음과 그 상냥함에 감사드립니다."   

[Young Jin]

The thought of having implants was an unobtainable dream until I met Dr Jake Goldenburg. I never would have had the work done ...meeting him made all the difference. He screened me for free and made it so easy for me to find out all I needed to know about implants.

The preparation and follow up ... excellent and painless. The care was great…..the quality was outstanding. He made me feel special and I am so happy with the results. 45 years of lost enjoyment of eating has been restored and I can now order anything from the menu, eat peanuts, chew steak, and bite apples. Meeting Dr Jake Goldenburg changed my life.