Periodontal disinfection


What is bacteria and periodontal disease?

Did you know we all have a thousands types of bacteria in our mouth, and some of these can cause big damages in the teeth. Even though we clean properly our teeth we can have a periodontal disease.


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Our periodontal Disinfection is a comprehensive program that:

  • Integrates the treatment of periodontal disease and the enhancement of periodontal health. 
  • Utilizes antimicrobial therapy and the prescription of supportive antibiotics, alongside conventional scaling methods.
  • Is more comfortable and cost effective when compared to a surgical approach.
  • Improves periodontal health minimizing the risk of other medically related periodontal problems. 

Periodontal disinfection protocol

the full mouth disinfection protocol technique at Total Health Dentistry consists of the following steps:

  1. First periodontal appointment for probe and diagnosis.
  2. Hygiene instructions.
  3. Removal of supra and subgingival plaque.
  4. Radicular scraping and smoothing with Gracey curettes.
  5. Radicular scaling with perioset.
  6. Brushing of the back of the tongue with clorhexidine gel.
  7. Mouthwashes with clorhexidine.
  8. Subgingival irrigation of periodontal pockets.
  9.  Use daily at home a Oral Irrigator. For more information watch the video below.



We Recommend to use:

Oral Irrigator unit at home


Mouthwash for periodontal procedures.

Mouthwash Curasept

Waterflosser Ultra 


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